Serhatal Research Group

We are a team of dedicated microbiologists with a primary goal of enhancing food safety and gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamics of host-pathogen interactions. Our expertise lies in various interdisciplinary fields, including microbiology, meat safety, public health, and the study of intestinal innate responses against food-borne microbes. We take a unique approach by combining the realms of bioinformatic tools and food in our research. In our work, we handle extensive data involving genomes through in silico analysis as well as conducting experiments with pathogens in controlled in vitro cell culture environments besides performing in vivo trials within living organisms. As part of the Veterinary Public Health Department in the Veterinary Faculty of Erciyes University, we are actively involved in addressing up-to-date critical challenges, such as foodborne diseases, relations of bacteria and intestinal non-specific barriers, and antimicrobial resistance. Our ability to integrate medical, veterinary, and environmental perspectives positions us as a global partner in One Health research. Through our investigations, we strive to enhance the well-being of people, animals, and the environment. Our research not only contributes to the advancement of knowledge but also shapes the education of future generations of PhDs, veterinarians, and life scientists. By bridging the gap between research and education, we aim to create a positive impact on public health and the overall quality of life.

Recent Publications