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Dr. Sevda Kuşkaya received her Ph.D. from Erciyes University, Department of Economics.  The title of her Ph.D. dissertation: The effectiveness of following energy policies in the control of global warming: An approach continuous wavelet coherence model. The dissertation was funded by Erciyes University Research Fund Center; ERU-BAP (BAP Project No: SDK-2017-7332, ID: 7332, start-end: 21.04.2017 - 9.03.2018).

Her dissertation was chosen as the best dissertation in 2018 in the field of energy and environment by Çevre Vakfı (Environment Foundation) in Turkey through the evaluations of scientific referees from Istanbul Technical University, Yildiz Technical University, and other universities’ scholars in the field of environment, climate change, energy economics, and energy modeling (

Her research interests are climate change, GHG, solar energy and environment, waste usage and environment, wavelet coherence analyses, partial wavelet coherence analyses, econometric analyses, and energy policy.

Dr. Kuşkaya is the author or co-author of some articles published in Elsevier and Springer Journals such as Renewable and Sustainable Reviews, The Journal of Cleaner Production, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, and other WOS indexed journals. She has memberships of Applied Energy, Elsevier Journal, Elsevier Energy Journals, Quantitative Analysts, Environmental Economics, Matlab Users and Integrators, Quantitative Analytics, Mathworks, Econometric Research Association, and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM).

Dr. Kuşkaya, upon invitations of the editors, reviewed the manuscripts from WOS indexed and other indexed journals. She has been searching actively in the fields of energy-environment-climate change and energy policy.

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