This research group studies on the field of social informatics including digital well-being, happiness analytics, persuasive technology, gamification, data mining, big data analytics.

We generated a Turkish Happiness Index(THI). THI presents a complementary methodology which is  fast, transparent, based on online expressions, non-responsive, adaptable, crowd-sourced and measurable against people's selfassessment and can be integrated into things. 

We are working on the two STSs (Socio-Technical Systems):

-The happy brand is an STS which measures a brand’s and the customers’ happiness. We are working in the field of marketing.

-The social detox therapist is a socio-technical adviser which warns social media users when their happiness declines. In this research, we also try to investigate the relations between happiness and social addiction.


Team members: 

Dr. Esra Kahya Özyirmidokuz,

Dr. Kumru Uyar,

Dr. Raian Ali,

Dr. Eduard A. Stoica,

Dr. Helmi Norman

Betül Karakaş

Hande Sarıca Keçeci

Merhad Ay

M. Hakan Özyirmidokuz

For more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact with us: