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Institutional Information: Fen Fakültesi, Astronomi Ve Uzay Bilimleri, Astrofizik
Research Areas: Physics, High Energy Physics, Theoretical High Energy Physics Studies, Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorological Engineering, Atmospheric Physics, Geographic Information Systems, Image Processing, Aeronautical and Space Engineering, Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Sun and Solar Systems, Astronomy and Astrophysics: Instrumentation Techniques and Observations, Star Systems, Interstellar Medium, The Galaxy, Galactic and Extragalactic Objets and Systems, Cosmology, Stars, Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Science and Technology Areas, Electronics, radio and microwave technologies, General Physics, Physics and astronomy tools and devices, Relativity and Gravitation, Quantum Mechanics, Fields Theory and Relativity, Nuclear physics, General Nuclear Reactions, Nuclear Structure, Special nuclear reactions, Space Engineering, Natural Sciences

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Prof. Dr. İbrahim KÜÇÜK graduated from the Department of Physics of Middle East Technical University in 1985 with a bachelor's degree, a master's in 1987 and a doctorate in 1993. During his graduate education, he took part in the establishment of TUBITAK National Observatory (TUG). He was appointed to the staff transferred to the Middle East Technical University and worked as a research assistant in the Physics Department for 7 years as the student laboratories coordinator.

In 1993, he was appointed as a instructor in the Physics Department of Erciyes University, Kayseri, in return for compulsory service. He gave lectures on Basic Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Quantum Physics in the Department of Physics, where he served for 6 years. He founded Erciyes University Astronomy Club (ASTER). He created "Space Awareness" in Kayseri, which is known for aviation, with the conferences he gave at various institutions and schools in Kayseri and the surrounding provinces, and the observation festivals he organized. Considering the positive conditions created by the intense interest of both students and the public in astronomy and space sciences, he founded the "Astronomy and Space Sciences Department" within the Faculty of Science in 1999.

For the department, Prof. Dr. İbrahim KÜÇÜK has determined the field of Radio Astronomy, which has not yet been studied in the country, at that time, as the main field of study at the academic level.

For this purpose, he brought the ~13m NATO_SATCOM antenna used by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in Ankara to Erciyes University in 2007 with a State Planning Organization (DPT) (today's Presidential Strategy and Budget Directorate) project and founded the UZAYBIMER-Application and Research Center.

With intense efforts, he organized two National Astronomy Congresses (UAK2004 and UAK2018), the most prestigious meeting of the astronomy and astrophysics community in our country, in 2004 and 2018.

He has worked as a coordinator, researcher, consultant and referee in many national and international projects and has many international and national publications and papers.

****Eastern Anatolian Observatory (DAG) Project:****

He has been a supporter of the project and a Member of the Executive Board since the very beginning of the DAG Project, which is a 4m diameter Infrared (IR) telescope installation project, which was started in 2010 and is the only scientific vision project of our country. He is also a Member of the Board of Atatürk University, Astrophysics Research and Application Center, which carries out the DAG Project.

Between 2018-2020, 2020-2022 and 2022-continues, he is the chairman of the Turkish Astronomical Society (TAD), the professional organization of the country's astronomer, astrophysicist and space scientists.

He served as the Head of the Space Sciences Department of the Turkish Space Agency (TUA) between 2021-2023.

He is also a member of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the European Astronomical Society (EAS). He is also the Turkey representative of the Committee on Radio Astronomical Frequencies (CRAF).

Fluent in English, Prof.Dr. İbrahim KÜÇÜK is married and has two children and three grandchildren.


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