Dependency of structure, mechanical and electrical properties on rotating magnetic field in the Bi-Sn-Ag ternary eutectic alloy

KAYA H., Çadırlı E., GÜNDÜZ M., Raebiger D., Eckert S.

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH, vol.107, no.4, pp.362-371, 2016 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


In the present study, cylindrical samples of the Bi-Sn-Ag ternary eutectic alloy were exposed to a rotating magnetic field (RMF) during upward solidification. The dependence of the eutectic spacing (lambda), microhardness (HV), tensile stress (sigma) and electrical resistivity (rho) of the Bi-Sn-Ag eutectic alloy on the RMF-driven flow was investigated in this study. With the increase in the RMF, the eutectic grains are fragmented and gradually refined until a transition from coarser plate-like structure to a fine fibrous eutectic structure for the alloy. It was found that with the increasing of RMF, lambda decreases but HV, sigma and rho increase. The enthalpy of fusion (Delta H) and specific heat (C-p) for the same alloy was determined by means of differential scanning calorimetry from the heating trace during the transformation from the eutectic liquid to eutectic solid. The results obtained in the present work were compared with published data available in the literature.