Design of IIR filters by using differential evolution algorithm Diferansiyel gelişim algoritmasi kullanarak IIR süzgeç lerin tasarimi

KARABOĞA N. , Çetinkaya B.

2008 IEEE 16th Signal Processing, Communication and Applications Conference, SIU, Aydın, Turkey, 20 - 22 April 2008 identifier


There are two important problems encountered in the design of adaptif IIR filters, i.) the filter can not show an intrinsic stable behaviour during the adaptation process, it sometimes become unstable, ii.) they can not always reach to the optimal solutions because of their multi-modal error surfaces. Although these diffuculties of daptive IIR filter design, in recent years, there has been an increasing interest on adaptive IIR filters because they provide better performance than an FIR filter that has the same degree and they also degrease the hardware cost. To overcome the diffuculties of the adaptive IIR filter design, evolutionary based optimization algorithms can be used. ©2008 IEEE.