Antioxidant role of curcumin against nicotine’s teratogenic effects on embryonic bone development

Yılmaz S., UNUR E. , Güler H., Yılmaz H., Tokpınar A., NİSARİ M. , ...More

19th National Anatomy Congress & 1st International Mediterranean Anatomy Congress 6–9 September 2018, Konya, Turkey, Konya, Turkey, 6 - 09 September 2018, vol.12, no.2, pp.130

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Summary Text
  • Volume: 12
  • City: Konya
  • Country: Turkey
  • Page Numbers: pp.130


Antioxidant role of curcumin against nicotine’s
teratogenic effects on embryonic bone development
Y›lmaz S1, Güler H1, Y›lmaz H2, Tokp›nar A1, Unur E3,
Nisari M3, Ertekin T4
1Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Yozgat Bozok
University, Yozgat, Turkey; 2Department of Therapy and Rehabilitation,
Kozakli Vocational School, Nevsehir Hac› Bektafl Veli University,
Nevflehir, Turkey; 3Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine,
Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey; 4Department of Anatomy, Faculty of
Medicine, Afyon Kocatepe University, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey
Objective: This study aimed to demonstrate the effects of
(6mg/kg) doses of nicotine on fetus skeletal system and the protection
of curcumin low dose (50 mg/kg) high dose (100 mg/kg)
against to these effects via double staining methods. For this purpose,
we used 30 adult female Wistar-albino rats.
Methods: Pregnant rats were divided into 6 groups (n:5 rats
for each groups). Groups was established as control, low doses
of curcumin, high doses of curcumin, low doses of curcumin +
nicotine, high doses of curcumin + nicotine and nicotine
groups. While curcumin was applied to the experimental group
during 1–20 of gestation days, nicotine was given to treatment
groups as a preservative againt to curcumin. Fetuses were delivered
in birth day on the 21th day of pregnancy and then their
weights and lengths were measured. After that fetal bone structures
were painted in red with Alizairn Red S, cartilage structures
were painted in blue with Alcian Blue by using double
staining Methods. Anterior extremity bone were invstigated
under a stereo microscope and than their photos were taken.
After that, the length of total bone and ossifying area and the
rate of ossifying was calculated by using Image J program. The
degree of ossification was determined on hand skeleton.
Finally, the measured data were analyzed with SPSS.
Results: Considering the length of the bones; no differences
were determined between the nicotine and the control groups,
altough the total bone lengths were significantly shorten in the
high dose of curcumin group (p<0.05).
Conclusion: The usage of nicotine during pregnancy causes
the delay of skeletal ossification and the curcumin as a powerful
antioxidant eliminates the teratogenic effects of nicotine.
Keywords: nicotine, curcumin rat, ossification