Eski Türk Yazıtlarındaki Kırgız Seferleri Üzerine Notlar.


Sibirische Studien/Sibirya Araştırmaları, vol.2, no.1, pp.41-64, 2007 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


One of the most important campaigns cited in the Old Turkic Inscriptions is the one launched at northern regions. Wars fought against Qurïqans, Ciks and Kirghizs are all mentioned here. There are six lines in the Inscriptions of Tonyukuk about the campaign carried out against Kirghizs. It also gives the details of the events that took place enroute or during the campaign. This article intends to explain the Kirghiz campaigns mentioned in Köl Tigin, Bilge Khaghan, Tonyukuk and Šine Usu inscripitions. Here, we especially tried to clarify the place names. Keywords: Old Turkic Inscriptions, Kirghiz campaigns, Place names, Kök Türks.