Thermal Analysis of Biological Tissues Exposed To Electromagnetic Fields by Using Pennes' Bio-Heat Transfer Equation

Sorgucu U., Develi İ.

2021 IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Computing and Communication Technologies (CONECCT), 29 - 31 July 2021, pp.1-6


In this paper, a complete electromagnetic and thermal analysis has been performed based on the Pennes’ bioheat transfer equation. Although there are many studies on the solution of Pennes Bio Heat Transfer Equation (BHTE) in the literature, most of these studies are based on numerical methods. In this study, a mathematically different approach is adopted, which makes this study different from other studies in the literature. Moreover, any numerical method is not utilized in this paper. The analytic solutions have been used to investigate the effects of the thermal diffusivity and the temperature-dependent perfusion component on the temperature distribution. The analytical expression obtained can provide a good knowledge of thermal behaviour of living tissues. The results present that; thermal behaviour of any biological tissue can be evaluated with the help of Pennes’ BHTE. Also, derived analytic analysis of the BHTE can be used for any tissue. Additionally, the results present that the analytic solution of BHTE is so valuable for the thermal behaviour research of any biological tissue. Topics such as thermal parameters measurement, and clinical therapy can be analysed by utilizing this study.