Investigation of small wind turbine airfoil's for Kayseri weather conditions

Tarhan C. , Yılmaz İ.

Uluslararası Yakıtlar, Yanma Ve Yangın Dergisi, sa.4, ss.42-43, 2016 (Hakemli Üniversite Dergisi)

  • Yayın Türü: Makale / Tam Makale
  • Basım Tarihi: 2016
  • Dergi Adı: Uluslararası Yakıtlar, Yanma Ve Yangın Dergisi
  • Sayfa Sayıları: ss.42-43


Wind energy has an increased usage in last years. Its importance is because of the renewability and potential for usage with a low budget. In this study we focus on the small wind turbines which can easily usable by public and small operations with a small budget. 14 types of best small wind turbine airfoils (A18, BW3, Clark Y, E387, FX77, NACA 2414, RG 15, S822, S823, S6062, S7012, SD6060, SD7032, SD7062) determined from past studies and examined with Ansys Fluent fluid dynamics program. Their lift and drag coefficients determined for 50000 Reynolds number which is a function of Kayseri’s common wind speed and air density. As a result best suited small wind turbine airfoil type is determined for Kayseri usage.