Educational Card Game Example: Mitosis and Meiosis Division

Karaca M., Öner Armağan F., Bektaş O.

Dicle üniversitesi ziya gökalp eğitim fakültesi dergisi, no.40, pp.9-20, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this research, it is aimed to design a sample activity that will enable them to learn the stages of mitosis and meiosis in the unit of "Cell Division and Inheritance" by embodying the sequence of events that take place with their figures and explanations. Within the aim of the action plan prepared for this purpose, a card game was developed by researchers on the subject of mitosis and meiosis division. The designed ranking cards were prepared on two bases: the shape of each stage of cell division and the text containing the description of the event that took place at that stage. Each group of cards in mixed order has been given various names using science concepts. In addition, each card was given a number or letter, so that after the students completed the ranking, it was aimed to make a faster and more accurate check than the answer key card with the correct order. In addition, five card groups with different rankings were formed so that more than one student group could do an activity at the same time in a competitive atmosphere. In this study, the content and preparation of mitosis and meiosis sequencing cards and how they can be used in classroom activities are explained. Suggestions have been made that researches can be made for the application of the introduced educational game and that it can be adapted to different subjects of the science course.

Keywords: educational game, cell division, mitosis, meiosis, action research