The new photometric solution and light curve study of the semi-detached binary system ASAS ID 211049-3657.9

Tanriver M.

NEW ASTRONOMY, cilt.31, ss.20-25, 2014 (SCI İndekslerine Giren Dergi) identifier identifier


This work is targeted on the photometric (light curve) analysis of the stars with G2 spectral type. The sun like star (ASAS ID 211049-3657.9) located in the ASAS catalogue was subjected to its photometric solutions and the light curve analysis in V band. The light curve of ASAS ID 211049-3657.9 binary system which belongs to the Southern Hemisphere shows the variation of l Lyr type. The solution of light curve was carried out using the PHOBE code. The photometiic solution reveals a semi-detached configuration with a less-massive component filling its own Roche lobe. The absolute parameters, very close to the astrophysical fundamental values of the sun, are obtained as a result of the solution. A spotted solution for ASAS ID 211049-3657.9 binary system with the Sun-like selected from the solar analogue star list of Tannver (2012, 2013) is conducted. The masses of the primary and secondary components for ASAS ID 211049-3657.9 are M1 = 1.00741 M and M2 = 0.37535 M, respectively. While the radius for the primary was R1 = 1.00097 R, and for the secondary R2 = 1.19107 Ro and the temperature of the primary and secondary are T1 = 5850 K and T2 = 5150 K, respectively. The positions in the HR diagram of the components are also discussed. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.