CCD UBV(RI)C and 2MASS Photometry of Seven Open Clusters


MODEST16 - Star Clusters as Cosmic Laboratories for Astrophysics, Dynamics, and Fundamental Physics, Bologna, Italy, 18 - 22 April 2016, pp.1

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Full Text
  • City: Bologna
  • Country: Italy
  • Page Numbers: pp.1


Fundamental astrophysical parameters have been derived for Be 45, Be 55, Di 07, Feib 01, Ki 02, NGC 457 and NGC 1548 open clusters using CCD UBV(RI)C photometric data and PPMXL database. CCD UBV(RI)C photometric data observed with the 84cm telescope at the San Pedro Martir National Astronomical Observatory (SPMO), Mexico. This work is thus part of our continuation series aims to provide a homogeneous set of cluster reddenings, distances, ages and, if possible, metallicities of previously unstudied OCs. And also this work goal to obtain the main astrophysical parameters using PPMXL database which is a catalogue of positions, proper motions (PMs), 2MASS and optical photometry of 900 million stars and galaxies. To separate the field stars from the cluster members is useful to study on OC system because of PMs of the stars in the region of OCs provide a unique possibility of getting membership information of the stars. PMs in combination with radial velocities also provide valuable information on the kinematic parameters of the Galactic rotation curve and the distance to the Galactic center.