Erciyes University, The Center for Media and Religion Studies, was established on April 21, 2017.


The center, which aims to carry out capacity-building activities in research, education, and human resources in the field of media and religion and its educational value, has defined its mission and priorities as follows: to provide professional development and training opportunities for media and religion relationship, to support scientific initiatives related to media and religion, and to strengthen application and research capacity in this direction, to increase the awareness of target groups and ultimate beneficiaries about the media and religion relationship and its educational value, and to establish national and international collaborations related to media and religion.


The main vision of the center is to be an international scientific research center on Media and Religion, as well as to contribute to the efforts to enhance awareness on the educational value of Media and Religion relationship in our country. In this regard, the center is committed to organizing courses and seminars in cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations in the media and religion field, conducting studies to ensure the inclusion of media and religion education in the undergraduate and graduate education curricula of related faculties, and providing consulting services to public and civil society organizations operating in the relevant field by preparing reports on the subject, marking important beginnings in this regard.