The Center for Media and Religion Studies

Erciyes University, The Center for Media and Religion Studies, was established on April 21, 2017 and started its academic activities immediately. In June 2018, the center initiated the publication process of an international peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Media and Religion Studies (MEDİAD), which accepts academic studies in Turkish, English, and Arabic languages on a biannual basis.

The journal has a mission to concretize the initiatives related to the relationship between media and religion in our country, to clarify these initiatives as a questioning area, to prepare the ground for new methodological designs in the field, to open up the international academic knowledge accumulation in the field to national academic interest, and to reflect original local, regional and global perspectives on the field. Currently, the journal is indexed by ULAKBIM TR DİZİN, DOAJ, and Index Copernicus, which is also accepted as an international index by our university.

In line with the vision of our center, which is stated as "to contribute to the efforts to develop awareness on the educational value of the relationship between media and religion in our country," the "Media and Religion" course has been included in the curriculum of the Faculty of Communication at Erciyes University since 2018. Additionally, our center played a role in the organization of the "International Media and Islamophobia Symposium," which was organized by RTÜK, the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Erciyes University, TRT, and SETA on May 25-26, 2021. The symposium was continued on March 15, 2022, under the name "II. International Media and Islamophobia Forum." In 2023, within the framework of a collaboration protocol between the Ministry of National Education's General Directorate of Religious Education and our university, a film festival related to the center's area of interest is planned to be held.