An Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) research group engages in examining technological advancements in industrial sectors and focuses on developing innovative solutions in the intersection of these areas. Broadly, this group aims to understand the potential arising from the convergence of IIoT and AI, create more efficient and effective applications of these technologies, and devise new strategies to optimize industrial processes.

This research group explore the following topics:

1. Data Collection and Analysis: Industrial IoT enables objects to collect data through sensors. These data are analyzed in various areas such as production processes, machine performance, and energy consumption. AI techniques can process this data to identify patterns, anomalies, and predictions.

2. Prediction and Forecasting: AI allows predicting future conditions based on collected data. It can be employed in predicting maintenance needs for production lines, optimizing inventory, and more.

3. Smart Manufacturing and Automation: IoT and AI offer potential for automating and enhancing production processes. Research can be conducted on smart machines, collaborative robots, and process automation.

4. Energy and Resource Management: Industrial IoT benefits energy consumption and resource usage monitoring and optimization. AI can help process this data more effectively.

5. Security and Data Privacy: IoT devices and networks can be vulnerable to cyberattacks. The research group can work on methods to ensure the security and data privacy of these devices.

6. Health and Human Safety: Industrial IoT can enhance human safety in hazardous work environments. Sensors and AI can detect dangerous situations and expedite emergency responses.

7. Network and Data Management: Large-scale IoT networks pose challenges in data traffic and management. The research group can study effective data management strategies and network infrastructure.

8. Sector-specific Applications:Developing IoT and AI solutions for various industry sectors (automotive, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.) can be another focus of the research group, catering to sector-specific needs.

This research group aims to contribute to the development of more efficient, secure, and sustainable industrial processes by working at the crossroads of industrial IoT and AI, paving the way for technological advancement in industries.