Today, Tomorrow, and the Future of Energy Storage Materials for Solar Energy

Ali D., Kaya M. F., Şendoğdular L.

Engineer and Machinery, vol.62, no.702, pp.70-90, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Increasing global energy demand and environmental concerns due to the emissions of greenhouse gases as by-products of fossil fuel consumption have led to the exploration of the potential of renewable energy sources such as solar, biofuel, hydrothermal energy etc. Among these, solar thermal energy is becoming a highly desirable source of renewable energy because of the widespread availability of solar radiations and the progress achieved in its efficiency and effectiveness. Different forms of thermal storage especially thermochemical storage (TCS), latent heat storage (LHS), and sensible heat storage (SHS) have been reported so far. Likewise, there are studies in the literature which also focus on the main mechanical energy storage systems. In addition, electrochemical energy storage devices like batteries are increasingly gaining popularity due to their highly efficient energy conversion values. Recently investigated materials for various solar storage forms show great potential as the future storage materials since theoretical limits are not reached yet; however, they are still in the experimental stage and this paper presents glimpse of those potential studies.