Synthesis, Characterization and Oxide Ionic Conductivity of Binary beta-(Bi2O3)(1-x)(Lu2O3)(x) System

Kalaycioglu N., Circir E.

JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CHEMICAL SOCIETY, vol.59, no.1, pp.28-31, 2012 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


In this research, the effects of doping Lu2O3 to alpha-Bi2O3 in the range of 0.01 <= x <= 0.10 in a series of different mole fractions (1% <= n <= 10% mole ratios) was studied. Beside, heat treatment was performed by applying a cascade temperature rise in the range of 700-800 degrees C for 72 hours and new phases were obtained in the (Bi2O3)(1-x)(Lu2O3)(x) system. After heat treatment for 72 hours at 800 degrees C; mixtures, containing 2-8% mole Lu2O3, formed a tetragonal phase. As a result of subjecting mixtures, containing 9% and 10% mole Lu2O3, to a quenching process at 825 C, tetragonal phases were obtained. With the help of XRD, the crystal systems and lattice parameters of the solid solutions were obtained and their characterization was carried out. Thermal measurements were made by using a simultaneous DTA/TG system. The total conductivity (sigma(T)) in the beta-Bi2O3 doped with Lu2O3 was measured using the four-probe DC method.