The Multipath Influence in Real-Time Kinematic of GNSS Observations at Different Antenna Heights

Nour B. A., ÖZDEMİR A. T., Garang P., Ağırbaş O.

EMITTER International Journal of Engineering Technology, vol.7, no.2, 2019 (ESCI) identifier


Multipath is a dominant error source in Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) applications that reduces the position, time and velocity accuracy. Mitigation of such errors can be achieved by better signal processing and antenna design. This paper attempts to examine the different height of RTK system antenna with regards to the multipath error. The results obtained in this work show height significantly changes the level of multipath in pseudorange (MP1) and multipath in the carrier phase (MP2). In our work, different antenna heights do not give the same multipath error result in the tests. The optimal height of the antenna was achieved at two meters when minimum multipath error for MP1 and MP2 was obtained. Our work experimentally proof that there is an inverse relationship between the height of the antenna and multipath with RTK algorithm.